The term "Old Chicago Brick" has taken on different meanings to different people, but typically speaking, when referring to a brick color, the color Old Chicago will usually be made up of bricks that are more yellowish to tan with darker earth tone shades mixed in, than other brick colors that are more red based.  PortStone's Old Chicago brick color leans very heavily towards the earth tone side, being made up of reddish browns, raw umber, black, mustard, off-white and pale yellow.  The texture of our Old Chicago color is like that of old worn bricks being slightly pitted.  This texture is not deep enough to be hard to clean, but just deep enough to give the look and feel that is typical of old bricks.

The  photo here is a very good example of the versatility of PortStone.  Our Old Chicago color was used here in the Runningbond pattern on every thing form the floor to the wall.


This brick porch was done using PortStone's Old Chicago color in the Basketweave pattern.


Color: Old Chicago       Pattern: Basketweave



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