What To Expect In Properly Installed



When properly installed, PORTSTONE PAVERS should have a pleasing, somewhat rustic appearance. This includes grout lines that vary slightly in width and that are not perfectly straight. Many of the "bricks" will have irregular edges and slightly irregular shapes. Depending on the style of brick chosen, some bricks will have a generally smooth surface, some will be slightly textured, and some styles will be somewhat heavily textured.



Some corners of all PORTSTONE products may be chipped off. This is normal and to be expected. It does not affect the structural strength or longevity of the product. Colors will vary from brick to brick. All of this is done intentionally to give each PORTSTONE floor a one-of-a-kind look with the appearance and character of real cut stone and brick flooring.

All PORTSTONE Paver System products are handmade and as such will vary slightly from floor to floor, but the overall character and beautiful appearance will be consistent in all PORTSTONE products.

All of this, plus years of experience, experimentation and research combine to give these floors the character, beauty, durability and desirability available only from PORTSTONE.

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