HOW  TO DETERMINE HOW MUCH PORTSTONE YOU WILL NEED Multiply the width of the room by the length of the room.  If your area has offsets and is irregular in shape, break it down into imaginary rectangular areas and figure each rectangle seperately and then add them all together.  This will give you the actual square footage to be covered.  Once you have determined your actual square footage, you will need to make allowances for waste.  We normally recommend figuring about 8% for waste.  We don't want you to have to purchase too much PortStone, but you do want to be sure to have enough in your original order to complete the job.  If you have to re-order more material, please be aware that there can be visual differences in each run. These differences may not be noticable if the two areas do not connect, but can become noticable when a "new" batch is laid adjacent to an "old" batch. HOW TO GET A SAMPLE Samples are $25.00 each.  This includes standard UPS shipping and handling costs.  We try to send samples in the pattern and color requested, however sometimes we may not have a particular color in a particular pattern.   If that is the case, we will send the color requested in whatever pattern we have available in sample material.  Otherwise, there could be an extended waiting period until we run the color and pattern combination requested.   We typically try to get samples out within 48 hours of receipt of payment unless it happens to be something of which we don't have sample material readily on hand.  In those rare cases, we tell you in advance and will get the sample out just as soon as we possibly can. HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER The easiest way to place an order is to just give us a call at 601-922-0902 to order directly from us, the manufacturer.  We can walk you though the whole process while making sure that you get precisely what you are looking for. You can use the chart below to figure how much material you will need, but we will cover all of that again with you when you place your order by phone. All you really have to do is tell us which pattern and which color you want, along with the size area you need to cover, and we can take it from there. Each PortStone floor is made to order. And each order is typically made in the order in which it is recieved. We normally run about two to three week out. Each order must be paid for when the order is placed. That gets your floor in line to be manufactured. SHIPPING We ship direct to all areas of the continental United States. The shipping costs are based on weight and distance, so these charges will depend on the size of your order and your location. Each order will be shipped on one or more pallets, crated in a plywood container.  This is to insure that we have done all we can to properly prepare your order for shipping.  In the unlikely event that your order should arrive damaged in shipping,  contact us immediately, preferably while the truck driver is still there and we will help you get things resolved in the quickest way possible. OTHER MATERIAL NEEDED TO COMPLETE YOUR FLOOR For interior floors, you will also need some sealer and floor finish.  These are two separate items and both are very easy to apply. (See installation instructions).  Both the sealer and floor finish are ordered from us when you order your PortStone floor. You will also need thin-set mortar and grout.  We carry a very good grade of polymer modified flexible multi- purpose thin-set mortar which works extremely well with PortStone.  We also carry a grout mix that is specially formulated to handle the grout joint widths typically found in PortStone floors.  Since the vast majority of all PortStone floors are done in Natural Grey grout, this is the only color we carry. You can, of course, use any color sanded grout you choose, but please bear in mind that grout colors other than natural grey can significantly change the look of your PortStone floor and some grouts are not designed to withstand the grout widths found in a typical PortStone floor.   WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THE USE OF EPOXY GROUTS.  WE ALSO DO NOT RECOMMEND USING SPECTRALOCK GROUT MIX with PortStone. SEALER, FLOOR FINISH, THIN-SET & GROUT REQUIREMENTS PortStone SC-25 Sealer (25% solids content solvent based) -  approxmately 300 sq. ft.  coverage per gal. 1 coat on interior floors, 2 coats for exterior use.  An anti-slip additive MUST be used on all exterior surfaces intended for foot traffic. PortStone Water Based Sealer  (25% solids content) - approximately 300 sq. ft.  coverage per gal. 1 coat on interior floors, 2 coats for exterior use.  An anti-slip additive MUST be used on all exterior surfaces intended for foot traffic. Focus Floor Finish  -  750 - 800 sq. ft. coverage per gallon per coat - 2 coat minimum on interior floors Thin-set Mortar - approx. 100 sq. ft. coverage per 50 lb. bag. Grout Mix - approx. 100 sq. ft. coverage per 50 lb bag depending on the pattern chosen
There is a $13.50 per pallet packaging charge for each pallet necessary for shipping.   In most cases, orders of 400 sq. ft. or less can be shipped on one pallet.  * NOTE: Due to the nature of the pattern, Promenade is ordered by  the section.  We suggest an accurate diagram with all dimensions of the area to be covered be faxed or emailed to us so that an exact quote for material required can be issued based on the information furnished to  us. Logos and Specialty Items - call for pricing. All orders are shipped on pallets in the quantity  ordered. Weight is approximately 2.5 to 3 lbs. per square foot depending  on the pattern chosen. Expect some color and texture variations from order to order.   Be sure to order enough material to complete the job. Call for pricing on custom colors.  Custom color samples are  $150.00 minimum and are non-refundable.   PortStone Mfg.  Corp. does not guarantee any exact match on custom or standard colors. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks manufacturing time prior to  shipping. Pricing does not include shipping.  Call to get a shipping estimate.
Made With Pride in The USA
Each PortStone floor is made to order.  When you place your order, your PortStone floor is manufactured specifically for you.  When you are ready to order, or even if you simply have more questions, just give us a call at 601-922-0902.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you through the very simple ordering process. The prices listed below apply only to orders placed directly with PortStone Manufacturing Corp.  All PortStone dealers are independent businesses and as such are free to set their prices as they see fit. We recommend adding a waste factor of approximately 8% to allow for cuts and minimal breakage to your order to help insure you have enough material to complete your project. Scroll down for more information about measuring, coverage rates, and how to place an order. PORTSTONE PRICES
To Place an Order or get more info Call 601-922-0902