The Fastest and Easiest to Install Thin Brick on the Market!

Thin Brick Veneer by PortStone

  • PortStone Thin Brick veneer is made in panels that are fast and easy to install.
  • It can be used for brick floors, porches, patios, swimming pool decks, walls, and brick ceilings! 
  • The lightweight panels are made up of multiple polymer-modified concrete bricks.
  • PortStone makes complex brick patterns very easy to install in a fraction of the time and cost required with regular brick pavers.

With PortStone Thin Brick Veneer, you can have a thin brick floor over wooden subfloors as well as concrete subfloors, downstairs or upstairs! Install a brick accent wall anywhere you want it! PortStone is very easy to handle at about 3 pounds per sq. ft., and weighs less than typical ceramic tile. However testing has shown PortStone to be more impact resistant than ceramic tile, thin brick pavers, or even full-sized brick. See our brick colors here.

Portstone Thin Brick: Old Chicago thin brick veneer blend on an archway.  Brick veneer backsplash in a kitchen.
PATRIOT PAVERS Old Chicago, Copper Creek, Independence Hall color blend,


The difference between Patriot Pavers and PortStone Thin Brick is that PortStone bricks are 1/4″ thick bricks on mesh, and Patriot Pavers are individual 1/2″ thick bricks. Both are made from concrete and come in several colors and sizes. Both are great for use on floors and walls for interior and exterior use. See our Patriot Paver colors and suggested retail prices here, and our PortStone Thin Brick colors and prices can be seen here.

Patriot Pavers are made in 15 colors and in brick sizes for use on floors and walls. All of our Patriot Paver colors are made in the 4″ X 8″ brick paver size with colors are made in our Rustic Brick size – 2 1/4″ X 7 3/4″ X 1/2″ and some colors are made in our Classic Brick size measuring 2 1/4″ X 8 1/4″ X 1/2″.

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Thin Brick Veneer by PortStone