Patriot Pavers Sadie's Vineyard brick color

Thin Brick Veneer Prices

Complete price list for all PortStone and Patriot Paver products
Brick fireplace surround made from PortStone Thin Brick Rose Hill color
  • The Perfect DIY Flooring Product
  • Fast, Easy Installation
  • Installs in "panels" of lightweight bricks arranged in pre-determined patterns
  • Interior or Exterior Use
  • New Construction or Remodeling
  • No thicker than ceramic tile
  • More than 100 possible color and pattern combinations to choose from

PortStone Thin Brick Prices

Here is a complete listing of all PortStone Thin Brick veneer prices and Patriot Pavers pricing as well. Scroll down to find prices on our brick sealer as well as thinset mortar and grout pricing.

  • What’s the difference between PortStone Thin Brick and Patriot Pavers?

PortStone Thin Brick veneer products are made as bricks on mesh with the patterns already establish for you. Each panel of PortStone contains 8 or more bricks, approximately 1/4″ thick, with each brick already spaced positioned and sized to greatly speed installation. All PortStone products are factory sealed with 2 coats of sealer so that there is no need to pre-seal before grouting. Then, a day or 2 after the floor has been grouted and cleaned, 1 coat of sealer is applied and then 2 coats of floor finish are mopped on.

Patriot Pavers are individual 1/2″ thick bricks, sometimes referred to as brick slips. Patriot Pavers can be purchased sealed or unsealed. If purchased not sealed, you will need to apply one or more coats of sealer before grouting your floor. A couple days after the floor has been grouted and cleaned, at least one more coat of sealer is applied, then 2 coats of floor finish are to be mopped on. This will give you a floor that is very easy to care for, just dust mop or damp mop as needed.

PortStone Thin Brick Prices

Abbeville $8.25
Antique Charcoal $8.25
Autumn Brown $8.25
Baton Rouge $8.25
Camden Hill $8.25
Charleston $8.25
Salvaged Frosted Charcoal $9.25
New Castle $9.25
Old Chicago $8.25
Picket’s MillTemporaily Unavailable
Richmond $8.25
St. Louis $9.25
Rose Hill $9.25
Windsor $8.25
Unfinished Paintable $7.50

Patriot Pavers Pricing

COLORPer SF not sealed 10SF per box Per SF Sealed 10SF per box
Boston Harbor $4.88 sf – $48.80 per box $5.98 sf – $59.80 per box
Copper Creek $4.88 sf – $48.80 per box $5.98 sf – $59.80 per box
Dan’s Landing $4.88 sf – $48.80 per box $5.98 sf – $59.80 per box
French Quarter $4.88 sf – $48.80 per box $5.98 sf – $59.80 per box
Gold Rush $4.88 sf – $48.80 per box $5.98 sf – $59.80 per box
Independence Hall $4.88 sf – $48.80 per box $5.98 sf – $59.80 per box
Mount Rushmore $4.88 sf – $48.80 per box $5.98 sf – $59.80 per box
Old Chicago $4.88 sf – $48.80 per box $5.98 sf – $59.80 per box
Sadie’s Vineyard $4.88 sf – $48.80 per box $5.98 sf – $59.80 per box
Savanah $4.88 sf – $48.80 per box $5.98 sf – $59.80 per box
Sedona $4.88 sf – $48.80 per box $5.98 sf – $59.80 per box
Silver City $4.88 sf – $48.80 per box $5.98 sf – $59.80 per box

Sealer, Floor Finish, Thin-set & Grout Prices

SC-25 Paver Sealer, solvent based$53.50 galCoverage approx 300 sf
WB-25 Water Based Sealer$57.50 galCoverage approx 300 sf
Super Wax Floor Finish$45.50 galCoverage 800 – 900 sf
Matte Floor Finish$49.50 galCoverage 800 – 900 sf
Super Grip Anti-Slip Additive$14.50 – 8oz8 oz per 1 gallon of sealer
PortStone Brick & Tile Grout$21.75 – 50# bagCoverage approx 90 sf
Polymer Modified Thinset Mortar$21.75 – 50# bagCoverage varies w/trowel size
Brick and Paver Sealer SC-25. 25% Solids Solvent Based Sealer
SC-25 Brick Paver Sealer
Water Based Brick paver sealer
WB-25 Water Based Sealer

Super Wax Floor Gloss Finish brick floor finish
Super Wax Gloss Floor Finish
Matte Floor Finish

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