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The customer reviews seen below are word for word, only we leave out personal information for our customers’ privacy unless they have given us their permission to use it.   Any emphasis was in the customer’s original response. Since 1998 we have built our business on the principal that customer service is just as important as the products we sell. There’s a lot of companies selling thin brick veneer products, so we take your business very seriously and it is greatly appreciated regardless of the size of your project. Your calls and emails will always be answered by a real person during business hours, and we’ll always treat you with the respect you deserve as our customer.

The reviews below are from real people, real customers and if you need it, we’ll be glad to give you their contact information once we clear that with our customer.

Sadie's Vineyard brick color. Patriot Pavers thin brick veneer, brick floor
Reese Tile in Shawnee, Oklahoma is doing a really good job with your product!! Your product is Awesome!! This thing turned out spectacular! We absolutely love it!”
PortStone floor St. Louis brick
“I just spoke with you this morning about getting more of the St. Louis brick.  I wanted to show you the “street” my husband built in the basement.  It turned out great!”
Nancy  W.
Beloit, WI
Pinwheel Brick pattern. Richmond brick color. PortStone Thin Brick.  Brick floor in a kitchen.
“Over the past 12 to 14 months I had been in contact with you about Portstone and discussed and purchased your product. Attached are some photos of the area that I used your product. I couldn’t get a great shot like your portfolio, but wanted you to know that everything worked out “EXCELLENT”. It only took 2 years to get the home complete (last week in November 2016) and the kitchen helps make my home.
Thank you for all your help. Tony Hay”
PInwheel brick pattern. Richmond brick color.  PortStone thin brick veneer.  Brick sunroom porch
“The work is all done around the house. YEAH. IT LOOKS GORGEOUS.  I have pictures and will email them to you when I get the time. It may be January as we are into our busy season.  Our pool man knocked on our door and had to tell my husband that it’s the most beautiful pool work and that he wants to get some for his father.  The Sunrooms people remark about how beautiful it is and even the Tile One people remark about how it’s the best tile they’ve worked with and how beautiful it makes the house look.  AND IT SURE DOES.  WHAT A WORK OF ART!!  Even my alarm man wants to know about the tile & where to get it!  I’ll be sending him that information soon.  But Tom, my husband really loves the kitchen, pool and walkway. He always remarks now how beautiful it is and it makes the house look.  Not to mention how it improves the value of the house.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVELY TILES.  You guys are very unique and deserve all the business you can handle.
Pinwheel thin brick on a swimming pool deck
PortStone Rose Hill brick color, outdoor cooking center. Thin brick.
“Great product.  Turned out fantastic,  Thanks.  Gary”
Floor with the Baton Rouge color in the Herringbone pattern
“I just referred your company to a contractor in the Atlanta area. …Our floor has been down for 5 years and just gets better with age.  You have a terrific product.
Wall with New Castle color in the Face Brick pattern
“This was the 1st house I got to fully designed the way that I wanted to and I am so excited for the way that it came out.  Thank you so much for being such a wonderful company to work with.” – Shellie Dennis
Runningbond brick pattern.  St. Louis brick color.  PortStone Thin Brick.
“Good evening gentleman.  My name is Steve Monday.  I ordered your St. Louis paver in the runningbond pattern a while back and we absolutely love it.  We have been living in our home for 18 + years and my Wife and I were fed up with looks of our kitchen and decided to do something about it.  We spent a ton of money on new cabinets, counter tops along with a few other bells and whistles. 
And despite spending the bulk of our money on other items, we wanted you to know we get more complements on the floor than anything else. It is AMAZING!  Money well spent. 
These are a few pictures. I will send you more when we get through. But just wanted to let you gentleman know that we are still blown away by it and are so glad we found your website.”

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