Rose Hill brick color.


PortStone - It's not brick as you know it.
Thin Brick Wall in Rose Hill brick color with Face Brick pattern

PortStone can be easily used on vertical surfaces such as walls and backsplashes. PortStone can be installed over drywall on interior walls using ceramic tile mastic adhesive. PortStone can also be used on covered exterior walls, where rainwater infiltration is not an issue such as covered porches and patios. On exterior walls, PortStone can be installed over concrete block, regular brick, or concrete backer board, such as Hardi-Backer, Durock, Wonderboard, etc., using thin-set mortar. However, we do not recommend that cement backer boards like Hardi-backer, etc. be used under PortStone floors. If PortStone is being installed on exterior walls that will be exposed to rain, it must be installed in compliance with ASTM 1780. You can see a very detailed guide to ASTM 1780 installation requirements here - Masonry Veneer Manufacturer’s Association.

PortStone now has 2 products for use on walls and floors. PortStone Thin Brick, the original 1/4″ thin brick, is made from polymer-modified concrete and comes in sheets, or panels, for fast and easy installation on walls, and Patriot Pavers which are individual 1/2″ thick concrete bricks. Both products are excellent brick floor tile and brick wall tile. We have 10 brick and stone patterns as well as 21 brick colors and styles to choose from. With a few exceptions, we can make any of our color blends in any of our patterns giving you more than 100 possible color and pattern combinations to choose from.

PortStone Thin Brick – Rose Hill color
Wall in Rose Hill color with Face Brick pattern
Face Brick pattern in Rose Hill
Camden Hill thin brick color, face brick pattern
PortStone Thin Brick’s Camden Hill brick color on a kitchen wall.
Sadie's Vineyard brick color. Thin brick veneer on a bedroom wall.
Patriot Pavers wall brick in the color Sadie’s Vineyard.

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